Our Technology

A complete solution designed to cut costs while adding new benefits

Solar Grid Storage develops battery energy storage systems co-located with PV systems but separately owned and maintained by Solar Grid Storage. Our solution eliminates the need for PV developers to purchase a solar inverter, reducing installation costs and offering new benefits to the host. Solar Grid Storage finances the storage asset through revenues derived from multiple stakeholders. These revenues come from grid support markets that pay Solar Grid Storage to dispatch assets to maintain grid stability, and a series of new benefits, such as host emergency backup services, demand reduction, and peak shaving.

Solar developers have enthusiastically embraced the Solar Grid Storage offer as an innovative model that promises to keep the solar industry growing rapidly by further lowering costs, adding new value to PV projects, and maintaining grid stability.

How it works

Solar Grid Storage targets projects ranging from 150kW to 10MW. The PowerFactor™ inverter acts as a standard solar inverter delivering AC power to the building, but is also shared with the PowerFactor™ battery making it available to the grid operator who can call upon it to temporarily charge or discharge the battery to help balance power on the grid balancing to net zero on an hourly basis. The PowerFactor™ system has the additional benefit of allowing the PV system to operate in power outages, something standard PV projects cannot offer.